Coming Up this Season

Coming Up this Season

This is just a quick heads-up to put my dear fans at ease. Or myself, perhaps. I’m still happily deconstructing away, but due to the holidays and another project, I haven’t been able to publish any results last week. I never promised I would, but still. Rest assured there will be new deconstructions in the coming weeks.

Such as the lovely projection thing on the left, a present from one of my favourite exes. It might actually be some secret weapon, like a Death Ray. I’m sure I’ll figure that out as I go along.

Also in the works: a partially golden and very personal drill I got from a dear friend. It will be deconstructed with the utmost of care, so that its soul may be reunited with its owner.

Then there’s this lovely but leaky pressure metering device (I usually don’t start my research until I’m actually deconstructing an object; hence the vague terminology in this post). Not a gift, but bought with my own hard-earned cash.

And finally, this rather boring looking clock type of thing. But I find boring things very exciting, so that’s a good thing. Also, it’s a Philips, so that’s even more exciting. I should probably pop a few blue pills to contain my excitement -or are those the uppers? I can never remember.

No gift either. So that’s a fifty percent gift rate for this post: GR=.50.