Thrustmaster Attack Throttle

Thrustmaster Attack Throttle

Life is good. No work today and the sun is out. A nice day for a drive to nearby Doesburg, and in particular the local 2Switch thrift shop to search for new prey. It only takes one to make my day, and this day was made by the Thrustmaster Attack Throttle. An archaic game controller from days gone by, before USB, when we connected our PC game controllers via the game/midi port. I’m not sure exactly when it was produced, but I know it was somewhere in the 1990s, as in those days I was the happy owner of its companion: the Top Gun joystick. I remember I played F-16 Aggressor with it, a game from 1999.

The Top Gun stick was another solid beauty from Thrustmaster, which I have of course long since discarded -I wasn’t deconstructing yet back then. So now I’ll have to find that Top Gun stick all over again, as this throttle stick is of little use without it, so a proper Deconstruction wouldn’t be complete without it’s better half.

Still, I’m over the moon with this find, especially since it was only one euro. I’ll play around with it for a few days and then put it in storage, where it will patiently await the arrival of its counterpart, and subsequent deconstruction.

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