No-Shave November 
Ladies Night

No-Shave November: Ladies Night

It’s still No-Shave November, which is a fun community thing to raise awareness for a not-so-fun disease often involving hairloss. But there’s no disease in Deconstructionland; here, NoShavember is just an excuse to take apart a few of the dozens of shavers lying around.

This time it’s a Ladyshave. The Philips HP 2102, to be precise. I bought it a couple of years ago, as part of a complete Philips Beauty Set -only 3,50 Euros, a steal! Apparently, to be beauties, ladies not only have to shave both their ‘Legs’ and ‘Under Arms’, as stated on the two-sided shaverhead. They also have to hold various vibrating objects to themselves. It doesn’t state where exactly, so that would be a matter of trial and error, I suppose.

As far as statistics go, these are once again staggering. This one is a baffling 991 MegaPixels. Granted, a lot of those pixels are white, but still: GigaPixel Photography, here I come! Also, it’s the most wordy Deconstruction to date. But hey, it’s a Ladyshave, so what did you expect?