Attack of the Flying Shavers

Attack of the Flying Shavers

It looks a bit like an airplane engine, with its swooping lines and the air scoop on top –but maybe that’s just me having made far too many model airplanes in my youth -and having slept in toxic fumes from glue and paint for many youthful years.

It’s not an airplane, nor a bird. Not even Superman, but super it is: the Philishave 90 Super! Also , less spectacularly, known as the Philips HP 1119. One of these days I’m going to figure out how Philips’ product naming actually works. Right after the day I get organizized, I guess.

The ‘air scoop’ is a slot where the integrated trimmer can be slid out of. Gotta get those ‘staches and sideburns nice and even, right? This shaver dates from around 1975, I’ve deduced from this delightfully retro ad from a Dutch magazine: De Kampioen, July 1975 (opens in a new tab).

Numbers time! Only a week ago I predicted I’d probably cross the border into GigaPixel country soon, and –whoop- there it is! This one is 1.43 GigaPixels.

In other big numbers news: I’ve just upgraded my computer with a 4 TeraByte scratch disc, since PhotoShop does not like these ridiculously large files very much and my previous 1 TB disc kept running full in no time. It’s a bit of a shame that these huge deconstructions can sometimes make the Inspiring Motivational Text so tiny it can hardly be read on the teeny-weeny image size on this website. This one says: ‘Messed up are the sleek, for they shall demerit the mirth.’ Do not ask me what it means. It’s top secret.

Although No-Shave November is only halfway through, I’ve seen enough shavers for a while (and more than enough gross other people’s hair from who knows what body parts) , so it’s onto something else. Not a truly huge one yet. The Truly Huge Ones (Typewriter, Sewing Machine and Film Camera) have proven to be streak breakers in the past and I never want this streak to end. First some toys perhaps. Innocent child’s stuff to wipe away the hair-raising images these filthy shavers have conjured up.