The April Fools' Day Miracle

The April Fools’ Day Miracle

It would appear that it’s a small world after all. Last Saturday I found a lovely Thrustmaster Attack Throttle in Doesburg. Since throttle controllers are little fun without an accompanying joystick, I’d already resigned to the fact that I might never actually get around to deconstructing it. In all my years I’ve only once seen a Thrustmaster stick that matches this throttle controller -and that was the one I owned myself, some fifteen years ago. So you can imagine my surprise when yesterday, on April 1st, I actually found a Thrustmaster Top Gun joystick, in a thrift shop in Amersfoort! At the same ridiculous price of 1 euro, too. I actually found two halves of a rare couple, only three days ands some 80 kilometres apart. Such happy coincidence.

Or was it? Of course, this may have been an elaborate April Fools’ Day joke by someone who read my post about the Attack Throttle, quickly went and bought a Top Gun joystick on eBay or wherever and sneakily hid it there for me to find, knowing that I visit this particular shop on April 1st every year. Paranoimia much?